A Beginning – Memoir ’44 base set

September 2011
Started painting Memoir ’44 base figures. using mostly Citadel paints {some from the 90’s and a handful new}, one Vallejo paint (Green Grey) and cheapo Walmart brushes.

**Note: Turns out the cheap yellow brushes were worthless. The blue Daler Rowney cheap brushes, though still suffering from curling and the like, have held up fairly well.

2 armies — German and American/Allied forces
42 infantry, 24 armored vehicles, 6 artillery each
18 man-made obstacles — 6 each hedgehogs, barbed wire, sandbags

I made the choice to keep a blue/grey scheme for the Germans, though my research would tell me that on the whole I should have gone with a more grey or grey & green scheme. This was in part because the game creator modeled the German units out of blue/grey plastic. Also partly because I happened to like the colors.

Paint Schemes:
German Infantry
Prime  Black
Jacket Adeptus Battlegrey
Pants  Green Grey (Vallejo 70.886 101)
Webbing Black
Skin Elf Skin
Rifle Bestial Brown
Helmet Shadow Grey
Accessories Boltgun
Shoulder Strap Beastial Brown
Boots  Black
Wash Badab Black
Base Graveyard Earth

German Armor and Artillery – Shadow Grey, Badab Black and other greys

Memoir ’44 Base Set German army

American/Allied Infantry
Prime  Black
Jacket Gretchin Green
Pants  Khemri Brown
Webbing & Leggings Green Grey (Vallejo 70.886 101)
Skin Elf Skin (or brown mix)
Rifle & Shoes  Bestial Brown
Helmet Catchan Green (instead of Vallejo Brown Violet)
Rifle metal Boltgun
Wash Devlan Mud
Base Graveyard Earth

American Armor and Artillery – Catachan Green, Devlan Mud and other greens

Memoir ’44 Base Set Allied army

Obstacles – a mix of Boltgun, Bestial Brown, and Devlan Mud.

Update ~ Finished Jan 3, 2012