Castle Ravenloft

The crypt door opens, revealing a dark and musty chamber. Coffins line the walls. A distinct chill is felt as you step across the threshold…

Ravenloft is an interesting D&D setting. Having never played much with it, I do like the theme. Thus it is that the D&D Adventure system (i.e. DM-less dungeon crawl) allowed me to explore Count Strahd’s castle. And the first step, of course, was to paint the castle’s denizens.


6 thoughts on “Castle Ravenloft”

  1. Thank you! I am not… I love to get painted mini's to the table. I use a matte clear sealer to try to protect the paint, but honestly I don't worry to much about it.


  2. Thank you! It seems so, but take it slow and give yourself a month and you'll be surprised, I think that's about how long this took. And looking back now it doesn't seem all that much time.


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