Ahoy Matey! — Merchants & Marauders game pieces

Merchants & Marauders is a great boardgame adaptation of Sid Meier’s “Pirates!” and it begged to be painted.

National Galleons/Man-o-War and NPC Pirates

Player Ships – Sloop, Fluyt, Frigate, Galleon

Pieces on the board

A game in action


Descent: Journeys in the Dark – Second Edition – expansion heroes

We started a second Descent campaign, using Nate’s Descent collection, and changed roles – Alan stepping into the Overlord shoes. The heroes that Chris, Ben, Aaron, and Nate used during the Lair of the Wyrm mini-campaign.
They were successful in thwarting the great Red Dragon.

Logan Lashley – Pathfinder Durik – Augur Grisom – High Mage Quellen

Quellen, the Necromancer