Another Zombicide Halloween

I preparation for Halloween 2014, I finally opened up my Zombicide Season 2 packages, selecting a range of celebrity look-alike survivors and all the ‘Berserk’-type zombies. It took about a month to paint these 6 survivors, 6 zombivors, and 29 zombies:

Berserk Abonimation

Berserk Zombies

“I’m all broken up abut that zombie’s rights”

“You know what you guys are, you’re rubes”

“Here’s Johnny!”

Kim- 2nd Season Zombicide

Snake Pliskin

“Got to get myself a Twinkie”

I chose to go with a red/brown for the scaly overgrowth of skin on the zombies, and after a suggestion from my friend Julia, added a green ‘goo’ of rotting flesh underneath, to show the festering that occurs as this skin grows and transforms into a sort of natural ‘armor’.


Pathfinder – Witch and Warlock

Feiya and Seltyiel

From the new Pathfinder base set – the Witch and the Warlock
I tried to go with a glowing blue flame for the Warlock. Not too sure how effective I was. I’m not sure flames are my best area.

Anyway, I like the two as a pair. The new character types from the Skull & Shackles set are fun.