Wrath of Ashardalon, concluded.

The Ancient Red Wyrm Ashardalon is back in Under Mountain, and the townspeople of the nearby village of Longbridge are worried. Funny that I actually purchased Wrath of Ashardalon (WoA) before I picked up Castle Ravenloft (CR). But I finished painting Ravenloft first. I think the big baddies in Ashardalon were a block for me. I loved painting the Dracolich from CR, whereas the Red Dragon Ashardalon himself was not as easy for me to “see” as a painter. It eventually came though, and so over a year after purchasing it I have finally finished painting all of Ashardalon. Here I list the large monsters I completed, as well as a compilation of the smaller monsters and heroes already posted in “Natural d20, the heroes of Wrath of Ashadalon” – and – “Wrath of Ashardalon, or how I started to Paint Again”. Enjoy, and feel free to ask question re: paints, etc.


Castle Ravenloft

The crypt door opens, revealing a dark and musty chamber. Coffins line the walls. A distinct chill is felt as you step across the threshold…

Ravenloft is an interesting D&D setting. Having never played much with it, I do like the theme. Thus it is that the D&D Adventure system (i.e. DM-less dungeon crawl) allowed me to explore Count Strahd’s castle. And the first step, of course, was to paint the castle’s denizens.

Natural d20, the hereos of Wrath of Ashadalon

In support of Brad painting, I primed and started some figures back in November I think it was. I had nothing going at the time, waiting for Dreadball to show up. I grabbed a couple of cultists and snakes from the the Wrath of Ashardalon D&D Adventure set. They were surprisingly nice sculpts to paint! Working during the month of December, I’ve finished all 5 heroes, along with all monsters save the 3 large guys. There remains a Rage Drake, an Otyugh (trash-eater), and the Ancient Red Dragon at the heart of it all in Undermountain– Ashardalon. Here are the five heroes:

Heskan the Dragonborn Wizard

Tarak the Half-Orc Rogue

Keyleth the Elven Paladin

Quinn the Human Cleric

Vistra the Dwarven Fighter



Orc Shaman

Duergar Villain

Kobold Villain


Wrath of Ashardalon, or how I started to paint again.

Fully intending to not paint again until Dreadball arrived, a side project popped up in the form of Brad Johnson. His desire to get a kik start on painting led to priming the main figures from Wrath of Ashardalon. This game isn’t played a ton so it hadn’t come to mind. But as I began to work on a Legion Devil I realized that this set was well sculpted. The plastic is soft, but the original molds were very detailed and therefore fun to paint. As I write this I am done painting roughly half the figures of the game.