Star Wars – Imperial Assault – Base Set – Imperials

Star Wars Imperial Assault. A friend purchased this (several friends did actually) and we started a campaign using his painted set. Finally, a miniature game I wasn’t going to have to paint! As we progressed along the campaign I felt that familiar tug.

“Buy me…  paint me…”
“NO! There’s no need.”
“Need?! Phooey. This is Star Wars, STAR WARS. You can paint Stormtroopers!”
“Ok. Maybe I’ll get my wife interested. in playing. Plus there is an option for skirmish.battles” 🙂

So here we are. I hit the Imperials first (most fun right?) Followed by the mercs and then the heroes and support.

Darth Vader and his Imperial backup


Descent: Journeys in the Dark – more heroes

The Trollfens is the third expansion to the Second Edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, which is owned by a member of my game group, Nate.

We selected the heroes Grisban the Thirsty, Dezra the Vile, Jain Fairwood, and Avric Albright to tackle the ‘fens. I had already painted Avric for a prior campaign, so I had only to work on the other three.

I used different spraycan basecoats for each figure – a brown basecoat for Grisaban, a skin basecoat for Jain, and a black basecoat for Dezra.
I attempted to paint a green glow on Dezra’s arm and cloak, ala the image on her card. It works ok – better in person than in a photo actually. However, I still struggle with such ‘glowing’ effects. My next attempt will be on lightsabers for Imperial Assault.