Arcadia Quest – Beyond the Grave expansion

Here are the monsters and the heroes from the Beyond the Grave expansion for Arcadia Quest. I love the undead monsters. The ghosts and zombies are great sculpts, and the Young Frankenstein inspired villains are good comic relief.


Arcadia Quest has arrived! Orc mauraders are the first to get some paint.

Arcadia Quest has finally arrived, after quite the tug-o-war regarding shipping.

I’m very glad I did receive it, the artwork is much different than anything I’ve painted so far. I’m going to try to keep a lighter, perhaps more anime/cartoon overall look to the set – we’ll see how I do!

First to get some paint were the Orcs – Marauding in style – Captains wielding swords and sweating the details.

Orc Marauders

Orc Captains

Arcadia Quest – Base Set Orcs

Another Zombicide Halloween

I preparation for Halloween 2014, I finally opened up my Zombicide Season 2 packages, selecting a range of celebrity look-alike survivors and all the ‘Berserk’-type zombies. It took about a month to paint these 6 survivors, 6 zombivors, and 29 zombies:

Berserk Abonimation

Berserk Zombies

“I’m all broken up abut that zombie’s rights”

“You know what you guys are, you’re rubes”

“Here’s Johnny!”

Kim- 2nd Season Zombicide

Snake Pliskin

“Got to get myself a Twinkie”

I chose to go with a red/brown for the scaly overgrowth of skin on the zombies, and after a suggestion from my friend Julia, added a green ‘goo’ of rotting flesh underneath, to show the festering that occurs as this skin grows and transforms into a sort of natural ‘armor’.

Dreadball Arrives!

Received via Royal Mail today, my Christmas present to my self from back in September: I’ll be kept busy assembling these player pieces for a bit. I didn’t realize the heads and arms would be separate. This allows for some fairly easy customization later on. At any rate – it will be on to playing the game this weekend I hope. The idea is to paint it next month.