Dreadball MVPs

DreadBall Coach – Patches O’Houlihan

I finished painting a large chunk of the Dreadball MVPs from all three seasons. We played a League with 6 teams, and all the MVPs made an appearance, usually just once however, given the small league and a short season. I also finished an Orx Keeper for the BioDome Patrol Marauder team.

DreadBall MVPs
The Praetorian

Gorim Ironfist
John Doe
Anne Marie Helder


Number 88

Orx Keeper

Reek “Payback” Rolat
The Enforcer


Wyn Greth’Zki
Rico Van Dien

“Lucky” Logan
Gabe from Penny Arcade


Dreadball Season 1

Dreadball figures are a bit of work. There’s the assembly which is not always obvious (I’m looking at you Forge Fathers). Then there is the clearing of fiddly flashing. Finally there is the painting of detail at a fairly small scale. I chose to stick with the color scheme presented by Mantic for each of the Season 1 teams. Flipping through the rulebook I found myself fond of the colors presented and wanted my figures to be consistent. I used a layering technique mixed with some washing, using all Citadel paints and a mix of Mantic and old Bloodbowl transfers for the numbers.



Forge Fathers:

Dreadball Arrives!

Received via Royal Mail today, my Christmas present to my self from back in September: I’ll be kept busy assembling these player pieces for a bit. I didn’t realize the heads and arms would be separate. This allows for some fairly easy customization later on. At any rate – it will be on to playing the game this weekend I hope. The idea is to paint it next month.