Star Wars – Imperial Assault – Base Set – Imperials

Star Wars Imperial Assault. A friend purchased this (several friends did actually) and we started a campaign using his painted set. Finally, a miniature game I wasn’t going to have to paint! As we progressed along the campaign I felt that familiar tug.

“Buy me…  paint me…”
“NO! There’s no need.”
“Need?! Phooey. This is Star Wars, STAR WARS. You can paint Stormtroopers!”
“Ok. Maybe I’ll get my wife interested. in playing. Plus there is an option for skirmish.battles” 🙂

So here we are. I hit the Imperials first (most fun right?) Followed by the mercs and then the heroes and support.

Darth Vader and his Imperial backup


Arcadia Quest – Beyond the Grave expansion

Here are the monsters and the heroes from the Beyond the Grave expansion for Arcadia Quest. I love the undead monsters. The ghosts and zombies are great sculpts, and the Young Frankenstein inspired villains are good comic relief.

Arcadia Quest – rest of the base set heroes

I’m really enjoying painting the chibi-esqe miniatures for Arcadia Quest. Maya is definitely my favorite, though all of them have great facial expressions and details.

I painted my bases with a simple GW paint colours -> Dawnstone Grey – Charcoal Grey – Administratum Grey cracked stone effect, trying to mirror the tiles in the game. I think t looks good while avoiding messing with multiple colors like the stones in the game tiles.

Over exposed this photo – sorry!

Arcadia Quest – Remainder of Base Set monsters

I am loving these miniatures! So expressive and large details make these fun to paint! I especially liked Lord Fang’s unhealthy pallor.

Included here are the Beastmen (Spear and Hammer), Troll, Minotaur, Sisters of Pain and Lust, and Lord Fang.

Goblin Archers

Hammer Beastmen

Lord Fang with Sisters of Pleaseue and Pain

Bullroarer the Minotaur

Sisters of Pleasure and Pain

Spear Beastmen

Schmetterling the Troll

Arcadia Quest has arrived! Orc mauraders are the first to get some paint.

Arcadia Quest has finally arrived, after quite the tug-o-war regarding shipping.

I’m very glad I did receive it, the artwork is much different than anything I’ve painted so far. I’m going to try to keep a lighter, perhaps more anime/cartoon overall look to the set – we’ll see how I do!

First to get some paint were the Orcs – Marauding in style – Captains wielding swords and sweating the details.

Orc Marauders

Orc Captains

Arcadia Quest – Base Set Orcs

Pathfinder – Witch and Warlock

Feiya and Seltyiel

From the new Pathfinder base set – the Witch and the Warlock
I tried to go with a glowing blue flame for the Warlock. Not too sure how effective I was. I’m not sure flames are my best area.

Anyway, I like the two as a pair. The new character types from the Skull & Shackles set are fun.