Pathfinder – Witch and Warlock

Feiya and Seltyiel

From the new Pathfinder base set – the Witch and the Warlock
I tried to go with a glowing blue flame for the Warlock. Not too sure how effective I was. I’m not sure flames are my best area.

Anyway, I like the two as a pair. The new character types from the Skull & Shackles set are fun.


Pathfinder Adventure Card Game miniatures

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game miniatures

I painted Harsk and an alternate Ezren for my wife and I to use, and iconic Ezren, Lini, Amiri, and Merisiel for a small game group.

*I later finished more of the base set characters – the cleric, paladin, bard, sorceress, monk, and fighter.

Adventure Group – Lini, Merisiel, Amiri, Ezren



Iconic Harsk, Alternate Harsk and Ezren